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Yu Ding Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to MACNEE, Taiwan TELECRANE, SAGA sales of industrial remote control products in the mainland areas of technical support and after-sales service.As a distributor in China, we have very experienced technical support staff, and provide our customers with efficient, high quality, excellent pre-sale, sale and after-sales service.
High quality, efficient and worry-free after-sales service

High quality, efficient and worry-free after-sales service

After receiving your repair product, it will be processed within 12-48 hours.

Only repair genuine TELERCANE, SAGA, MACNEE machines, non-genuine machines will not be processed, the user will return, the user bears the freight.

We ship all products lifetime warranty, free warranty for 2 years

High precision, intelligent crane wireless application

Using wireless remote controls in aerospace, aerospace and other manufacturing areas.At the same time, high-precision cranes are required, which require high sensitivity and response speed of the wireless remote controller.

As well as the installation and assembly of precision components to ensure micro-precision to meet production needs.

Tunnel engineering, coal mining machine application

Subway, tunnel assembly machine application wireless remote control,Practical in the Komatsu assembly machine, Demag ring hoist, convenient and fast.

Shearer dedicated remote control, B.U, B.D, UP, DOWN, L.H, R.H, H.ST, POWER-OFF

Multi-purpose crane application

Single beam crane, double beam crane, bridge crane, gantry crane.

Independent control of cranes, linkage control cranes, wireless control of large tonnage cranes, with good visibility

Automation, engineering vehicle applications

At present, the pump remote control is suitable for vehicles such as Sany, Zoomlin, Elephant, Futian, Xugong and Liugong Hongdeli.Core 25, CAN bus directly replace multi-section arm, easy and convenient


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