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Volume users can OEM, customized your company label information

Engineering vehicle system such as: truck crane, truck pump, truck crane, truck crane, crawler crane, tower machine, excavator, bulldozer, rotary drilling rig, aerial work vehicle

The automation field has a wide range of applications, such as firefighting gun, coal mining machine, sandblasting machine, automatic door, automobile production and so on.

Complex crane use, such as smelting, casting, steel aluminum and copper industry



LED indicator status: operation indicator, low power yellow light is always on

Size: 180 * 60 * 52 mm

Parameter transmitter receiver

Frequency range 433 or 2.4GMHz

Frequency interval is 50KHz

Transmission power range is 10mw

Using the antenna inside, impedance hidden within 50 Ω, impedance 50 Ω external options ()

Relay 10A, or 40A

Maximum dimensions: 265*180*180mm 210*162*77mm or 270*260*90mm

Weight (excluding cable) 1800g 800g or 1700g

Operating temperature – 25 ~ 75 ℃

Password Settings are not repeated

Protection grade IP65

Receiver output relay output, PWM voltage or current output, bus output

Use the power supply charging voltage DC24V AC220V, nickel metal hydride or lithium battery AC380V AC220V AC36V DC24V

Power consumption is 200 mw

The remote distance is 100m or 500m

Custom wiring diagram

Custom wiring diagram


Standard wiring diagram cannot be produced due to single or double step certainty